Relational Database Design - The All Purpose Database???

Here is the "Do Everything" Database Design I created for RealCon2011 in Essen, which was great and if you did not attend then I expect to see you next year - I know who you are! I thought I'd design a do everything database for my funny little talks on DB design - there's some links for all the slides at my RealCon2011 page.

Every thing is a thing - OK? Every thing is a Type of thing - Yep! Every Thing links to other things and the other things link to many other, other things, so we need a link entity for things to things. Things may be in hierarchies (self referencing of course) as may types of things.

OK, that's it then. My work is done. Nobody will ever need another database design ever. Bye!


Crazy Data Model? Or maybe not!