Relational Database Design -FAQs

Frequently asked questions

A bit weird this, because this page was created before I put the Database Design section online, so there were no FAQs! So how could I have known? Spooky!

How should I use this site?

You could start by reading the words.

If you are very busy then you can just read the Highlight sections and Simon's Rules:

Highlights look like this

Simon's Rules look like this

What are Simon's Rules?

Throughout this tutorial you may see snippets headed 'Simon's Rule:'.

If Edgar F Codd can have his own rules then so can I. These rules MUST be obeyed ....... or you can make up your own mind and invent your own rules! OK, so they are not rules. Normally, a Simon's Rule is just how I do it, but you're a grown up - do what you want!

What is that stupid icon?

The icon used for Simon's Rules is a futuristic policeman - who is going to bash you with his truncheon if you don't obey!

Policeman Icon

Why Green And Orange Text?

Because I am very artistic and have a strong sense of colour matching! Please feel free to keep quiet if you don't like my colour scheme. Also feel free to not whinge on about how you spell colour, color - I say tomarto and .... well, I don't care what you say.