QiSQL Database Solutions

Bespoke Database Design

The principal function of QiSQL is Bespoke Database Design. We believe that more projects fail due to bad database design than any other reason. We can provide a complete database design for your business anywhere in Europe. Please contact us for more information.

When will "QiSQL the Application" be launched? This is a good question that I have been asked many times! Due to other work comitments - customers keep wanting databases designed, I don' think the launch will be until next year (2012)

Learning SQL

Our SQL School is open for students (it's free!) so please have a look around that section. As the site develops we will be adding more and more lessons to the school.

If you have any comments on the site or suggestions for features that you would like added to QiSQL or our SQL School - please use our Contact Us page to get in touch. We will TRY to repond as soon as possible.

We will be adding more detail to the site every week - just send us an email or use our online form and we will keep you up to date with the changes on the website and how the QiSQL application is coming along.

Database Days Frankfurt 2011

I presented at the recent 'Real Studio Database Day's in Frankfurt, Germany organised by Christian Schmitz of Monkeybread Software

A great time was had and I met up with some old friends from the Essen conference and made some new friends from around the world.

For those that are interested - here's an overview of my trip to the Frankfurt Database Days

Also in answer to a tricky question on Data Repilcation / Merging that was asked at the conference - here are some of my thoughts on this issue - Data Replication & Meging

RealCon2011 Essen

RealCon2011, the RealStudio Conference was held in Essen on the 21st and 22nd May 2011. See Essen Realcon2011 for an overview of what happened.

The newset addition to this site - Relational Database Design was launched to coincide with the conference and Simon Larkin's presentation on database design.

Database Design & SQL Courses 2012

We will be running a couple of Database Design and SQL courses in Dorset, UK next year - please contact us for more details.

QiSQL Data Manager - Why?

QiSQL grew from the need for a fully functional Data Dictionary application for SQLite. We wanted to be able to develop Database Solutions for our bespoke application clients that we could use on any database platform. We also needed to be able to generate Database Reports quickly and easilly for our clients regardless of the platform they were running their application on. So, along with the need to create encrypted SQLite databases, secure schema updating without losing any of our table rules, table and database duplication and conversion, data backups and migration - along came QiSQL Data Manager!

QiSQL Data Manager

SQLite is probably one of the greatest innovations for application developers. A fully functional, powerful relational database can be packaged with an application and provided bundled with the application. At the heart of QiSQL Data Manager is a comprehensive Data Dictionary that is used to manage how you store and access your data.

QiSQL Data Dictionary will hopefully be able to do all this and more!

Database Reports Generator

Select the tables and columns you want in your report. Chose the sort by columns. Select columns to perform mathematical summaries on. Chose from XML, CSV, or HTML output formats. Generated report definitions may be saved in your QiSQL Data Dictionary or deployed to your clients for inclusion in their QiSQL Data Dictionaries.

Easy Report generation - at last!

Coming Soon? Maybe!.

Maybe not! Due to other work commitments the QiSQL launch is not likely to happen until 2012!